Benefits of Upgrading to a High Output Alternator for Your Car

When you're looking into upgrades to your vehicle, one of the most important items to consider is the alternator. Alternators are a critical part of any vehicle which acts as a small generator that turns the engine's rotational energy into electricity that charges your battery and powers all the accessories you take for granted.

Without the correct alternator, your performance can suffer and any modifications or upgrades you make might not have enough power to function properly. If the alternator isn't working properly or isn't providing enough power, your car will stall frequently, the battery will die, and your lights, radio, air conditioning, or other accessories might not work right. So, let's look at the top five reasons why upgrading to a high output alternator is one of the best decisions you can make for your vehicle.

Top Five Benefits of High Output Alternators

 1. Upgraded Accessories Will Function Better

If you want to install any accessories like a better stereo, subwoofers, LED lights, or other upgrades, you'll want to consider the alternator first. The reason for this is these accessories draw more power than the ones the car came with, so they will need more power than the stock alternator can provide. Upgrading to a high output alternator gives you more freedom to upgrade other parts of your vehicle without worrying about their power draw and if you will be able to supply enough power to all parts of the vehicle.

 2. A More Efficient Alternator Means Lower Fuel Consumption

This is a major benefit that can add up over time, especially if you are involved with running a fleet of vehicles or own multiple vehicles. A more efficient alternator that doesn't have to work as hard means less work overall for the engine, meaning that fuel consumption will be lowered. Producing electricity in a car is part of what the fuel you pay for goes into, and upgrading your alternator will help lower that cost overall.

 3. No More Dead Batteries

Nothing is worse than going to start your car in the morning and hearing that clicking sound but no ignition. One of the best things about a high-powered alternator is that you won't have to worry about dead batteries anymore. Not having to worry about stalling or jump starting a vehicle is one of the main reasons many people choose to upgrade their alternators.

 4. Longer Battery Life

A high-powered alternator helps keep your battery from cycling or discharging its load as much, which means it will last longer and function better. You won't have to worry about the cost of a new battery or the effects on the environment that discarding batteries has. Keeping a battery at a more ideal charge with a high-powered alternator saves you money in the end, and again, these small savings in money and wasted energy add up to be significant over the lifetime of a vehicle.

 5. Alternator Replacements Are Cheap and Easy

When it comes to car repairs, some things are prohibitively expensive. However, alternator upgrades are relatively cheap, especially when compared to the many benefits you get. Alternators are usually easy to access, are a routine repair, and are more inexpensive than many other car parts.

It's easy enough that a home mechanic with an average amount of experience can replace their own, although if you're not comfortable working with the tools and knowledge required and around high-voltage equipment, you should always go to a mechanic. However, it won't end up costing you too much, doesn't run any risks to your vehicle, and will bring you all the benefits listed above along with simply helping your vehicle run more reliably and efficiently.

Unlock Your Vehicle's Full Potential

The main reason most people upgrade to a high output alternator is greater flexibility in their vehicle. If you're going to want to do anything with your vehicle besides simply driving from point A to point B, you're going to need to consider upgrading the alternator.

For example, let's say you want to turn your vehicle into a street racer. You'll probably want to install a few accessories that will help it run faster, and to power these you'll need a better alternator. If you want to turn your vehicle into a flashy attention grabber that stands out, you'll want LED lights, stronger speakers, and maybe even hydraulics, but you'll need to upgrade the alternator first.

If you want your vehicle to be able to go offroad, you need to make sure that you don't get stuck off the grid somewhere, and you'll need high-powered lights to see better in the dark. What all of these upgrades have in common is one thing - they require a high output alternator. Before you can really do anything extraordinary or unique with your vehicle, you need to figure out the power requirements, and the only way to do that is by upgrading your alternator.

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