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Lester 8497ND250
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250AMP PurePower Hairpin High Output Alternator Chevrolet GMC Trucks 4.2L 2004-2006

Regular Price: $415.00
Sale Price $339.00


Black Flat Texture, $79.00
4 Day Process

Burnt Red Flat Texture, $79.00
4 Day Process

Gloss Bright Orange, $79.00
4 Day Process

Gloss Hot Yellow, $79.00
4 Day Process

Gloss Neon Green, $79.00
4 Day Process

Gloss Neon Yellow, $79.00
4 Day Process

Gloss Passion Pink, $79.00
4 Day Process

Gloss Passion Red, $79.00
4 Day Process

Gloss Playboy Blue, $79.00
4 Day Process

Gloss Savannah Blue, $79.00
4 Day Process

Gloss White, $79.00
4 Day Process

Satin Yama Blue, $79.00
4 Day Process

Super Chrome Plus, $79.00
4 Day Process

High Amp Wire Kit $69.99
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Pure Power Series

  • The highest charging output, at idle, in the industry
  • Amazing heat dissipation
  • Durable 6phase Hairpin stator technology
  • 12 70 amp avalanche diodes for durability
  • OEM SKF high heat bearings
  • OEM brushes and brush holder for extreme long life
  • Every alternator is endurance tested on the most advanced dyno tester in the industry, DV Electronics/Alt-98, to ensure the correct performance specs and durability.
  • Installation Note:
    This unit comes equipped with a smaller alternator pulley, and we recommend using a ½ inch shorter drive belt for proper belt tension. For information and help to identify your current belt size and locating the ½ inch shorter belt size needed, refer to our Technical Notes, Reducing Your Vehicle's Belt Size | TAE ( Our smaller drive pulley is not recommended for sustained use above 5,500 RPM engine speeds.

Mounting type
Direct OEM Replacment
Output Voltage
Stator configuration
6 Phase Hairpin
250 AMPS
Max amps hot
IDLE amps
IDLE amps hot
Pulley type
6 Groove Steel
Pulley Grooves
12 70 amp press fit diodes
Rectifier heatsink
Battery terminal size
8MM X 1.25 Copper
24 Months Repair Warranty

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