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If you are in the market or thinking of upgrading to a High Output High Amp Alternator we hope you’ll be glad you took the time to shop the Pure Power High Output line of Alternators.

Custom Built In USA

Pure Power Alternators are built by Tucson Alternator, a family owned and operated company who’s been in business building quality products in the USA since 1979.

Low Voltage or Low Idle Output?

We build the most efficient alternator on the market which allows your vehicle to charge your battery up to 2 times faster than stock while maintaining higher voltage settings.

Direct Factory Replacement

All Pure Power Alternators will directly interface allowing easy installation and give you the power you’ll need to keep up with demands you are looking for.

Why Choose Tucson Alternator and the Pure Power Brand

As a family owned and operated company we never taken for granted the value of our customers and have always professed, "We would like the opportunity to earn your business". Plus, all of our builders, individually, have no less than 16 years of experience in building alternators and the pride in their job shows! We believe you’ll see that pride of workmanship, given the chance we earn your business.

Thank you Team TAE

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